By transforming our offerings into service packages, we make it simple for you to select the ideal solution for your senior care facility. Our comprehensive and lead-focused options cater to your distinct requirements, guaranteeing the perfect combination of digital marketing tactics to boost your visibility on Google Search and Maps. This tailored approach ultimately leads to increased growth and success for your senior care business.
Our Pricing

Why We Bundle Our Prices

Our passion lies in lifting your senior care facility to unparalleled heights by bundling our services into tailored packages. These all-inclusive digital marketing solutions help your organization shine in an often competitive market. With our expertise, we’ll join forces to elevate your business, forge meaningful connections with families, and create a lasting, positive influence on the lives of seniors.

PPC Advertising
Google Business Profile
Reporting and Tracking

Our Onboarding Process

Our meticulous processes and strong commitment to outstanding results lead us to limit the number of new clients to two each month. The first step involves looking at your current website to see if it can be fixed or if making a new one is a better choice. Most of the time, we prefer creating a new website since we are experts in WordPress and fixing old websites can be very challenging. By focusing on quality, we make sure our clients get the best results.

Initially, we didn’t plan on becoming web designers; however, we realized that having a well-designed website was important to complement our other services. Consequently, we changed our approach. Now, besides web design, our main goal is to offer special service packages made just for senior care organizations. These packages ensure our clients receive great quality and service. This easy-to-understand method enables clients to pick from packages that we’ve crafted based on our years of experience working in this field.

Our Pricing Package

By simplifying our pricing structure, we minimize customization efforts and scale your business more efficiently. We exclusively price our packages in Canadian dollars to cater to our primary market, eliminating any confusion or currency conversion issues for our fellow Canadians. This focus guarantees a seamless customer experience while supporting the growth of senior care facilities nationwide.

Core Care Plan

$ 899 per month
  • Cancel at any time.

Website + SEO:

  • Search Optimized Content Added to Website
  • Google Business Profile (GMB) Optimization
  • 4x GMB Posts
  • 1x Blog Posts
  • Managed Hosting
  • Reputation Management
  • Local SEO Citations (Directories)
  • Keyword & Competitor Rank Tracking
  • On-Call Editing Support Team (45 minutes)
  • 2 Hours of SEO Revision

Paid Media:

  • Search Campaign Set-up
  • $250 Google Ads/Bing Ads Campaign


  • Monthly Online Traffic Report
  • GeoGrid Reports for Keyword Proximity

Public Relations

  • 1x PR Release to 300+ Syndicated Sources (One-time)

Monthly Additional Options (not included):

  • Ongoing Website Pages for Enhanced SEO (city+service pages)
  • Additional Blog Posts
  • Increase Google Ads Spend
  • Increase Bing Ads Spend
  • Text Messaging & Conversations
  • Online Scheduling
  • Leads Management
  • Call Tracking and Recording

Why Our Pricing Works

Simplified decision-making Bundled pricing presents clients with a set of pre-defined service packages, making it easier for them to choose an option that suits their needs, without having to navigate through numerous individual services.
Cost savings Bundling services often leads to cost reductions for both the service provider and the client. Providers can allocate resources more effectively and leverage economies of scale, while clients benefit from a lower overall cost compared to purchasing services separately.
Enhanced customer satisfaction By offering a comprehensive solution through bundled services, clients receive a more streamlined and cohesive experience. This often results in higher customer satisfaction and stronger long-term relationships.
Improved operational efficiency Service providers can standardize their processes and operations around a set of bundled offerings, which reduces the time and effort required for customization. This allows providers to serve more clients with the same resources, increasing overall efficiency.
Easier upselling and cross-selling opportunities With bundled pricing, clients are introduced to a range of services they might not have considered otherwise. This creates opportunities for service providers to upsell or cross-sell additional services, ultimately increasing revenue.
Clearer marketing and communication Bundled pricing simplifies marketing efforts, as service providers can focus on promoting a few well-defined packages instead of a long list of individual services. This leads to more effective communication and better understanding of the offerings among potential clients.
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