We've streamlined our services by "productizing" them into tailored packages, making it easy for you to choose the perfect fit for your senior care business. Our comprehensive and cost-effective solutions are designed to address your unique needs, ensuring that you receive the right blend of digital marketing strategies to drive growth and success.
Our Services

Take Your Business to the Next Level

We do what we love, and we love to elevate your senior care business to new heights! Our tailored marketing strategies and comprehensive digital services ensure that your organization stands out in the competitive landscape. Together, let’s take your business to the next level, create lasting connections with families, and make a profound impact on the lives of seniors.

Reporting and Tracking

Our Pricing Packages

We employ productized service packages to streamline our offerings, allowing clients to quickly understand and choose from a set of pre-defined options catered to senior care organizations, while ensuring consistent quality and delivery of services. This approach enables the company to simplify its pricing structure, reduce customization efforts, and scale its business more efficiently. By pricing all packages in Canadian dollars, we cater to our primary market and eliminate any confusion or currency conversion issues for our Canadian clientele, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Core Care Plan

$ 899 per month
  • Cancel at any time.

Website & SEO:

  • Search Optimized Content
  • Google Business Profile (GMB) Optimization
  • 2x GMB Posts
  • 1x Blog Posts
  • Managed Hosting
  • Reputation Management
  • Local SEO Citations (Directories)
  • Keyword & Competitor Rank Tracking
  • On-Call Editing Support Team (45 minutes)
  • 2 Hours of SEO Revision

Paid Media:

  • Google Ads/Bing Ads Campaign

Leads Optimization:

  • Text Messaging & Conversations
  • Online Scheduling
  • Leads Management
  • Call Tracking and Recording


  • Monthly Online Traffic
  • Call Reporting

Monthly Additional Options (not included):

  • Ongoing Website Pages for Enhanced SEO
  • Additional Blog Posts
  • Increase Google Ads Spend
  • Increase Bing Ads Spend
People writing about monthly seo packages

Monthly Local SEO

At Scalable Care, we know the ins and outs of Monthly Local SEO like the back of our hand. This is our jam! We're dedicated to helping your senior care organization rise above the competition and become the talk of the town. Our local SEO package strategies are tailored to put you on the map, connecting with elders and their families right in your area. So, let's join forces and make your care services the go-to choice for those in need, month after month!

Checking out google business profile on their tablet

Google Business Profile

We're all about helping your organization stand out with our Google Business Profile (formally Google My Business) optimization and posting services. We'll keep your profile in the map-pack, ensuring it's up-to-date, engaging, and ready to impress. With our keen eye for detail and knack for crafting eye-catching posts, we'll make your organization the go-to choice for families seeking quality care for their loved ones. So, let's team up and put your senior care services on the map!

Team celebrating after a successful google ad setup

PPC Advertising

We love crafting you some exceptional PPC advertising campaigns on Google Ads (or Social Media if you force us) for your organizations. Our team knows the ins and outs of creating ads that pack a punch, driving traffic, and converting clicks into loyal customers. With us in your corner, you'll see your senior care business soar to new heights.

Laptop showing results of successful blog writing for senior care

Blogging & Content Writing

We are passionate about creating engaging and insightful blog content for senior care organizations. Our talented writers whip up captivating articles that showcase your expertise, highlight industry thought leadership, and keep your audience hooked. With our wordsmiths on your side, you'll effortlessly spread the word about your exceptional services and foster lasting connections with your readers.

Areas We Served in Vancouver Neighbourhoods

Vancouver, BC

Explore the majestic natural beauty and cosmopolitan vibe of the Vancouver BC community.

Downtown Vancouver

The Downtown Vancouver neighbourhood dazzles with its dynamic mix of high-rise buildings, extensive shopping districts, and waterfront attractions.


Step back in time in the Gastown neighbourhood, where historic architecture meets modern fashion and gastronomy on cobblestone streets.

East Vancouver

The East Vancouver community boasts a spirited and eclectic atmosphere, celebrated for its diverse communities and vibrant street art.


The Kitsilano neighbourhood is known for its laid-back beachfront and trendy shopping streets, perfectly blending outdoor activities with a rich cultural scene.


Once an industrial district, the Yaletown community now shines as one of Vancouver's most stylish neighbourhoods, with chic boutiques and bistros.


The Sunset community offers a warm, family-friendly atmosphere with picturesque views of the city and mountains.


The Oakridge suburb is known for its lush green spaces and premier shopping mall, epitomizing modern suburban living.


Experience the rich history and vibrant street markets of the Chinatown neighbourhood.

Downtown Eastside

The Downtown Eastside community is known for its deep historical significance and commitment to social enterprises.

West End

The West End neighbourhood is renowned for its beautiful beaches and Stanley Park, offering an inclusive atmosphere.

Coal Harbour

The Coal Harbour neighbourhood epitomizes upscale waterfront living with breathtaking mountain views and luxury apartments.


The Kerrisdale community offers a charming small-town feel within the city, known for its quiet tree-lined avenues and boutique shops.

Mount Pleasant

The Mount Pleasant neighbourhood captivates with its blend of historic buildings and contemporary art scene, attracting young professionals and artists.


The Shaughnessy suburb stands as a monument to luxury and exclusivity, with sprawling estates and meticulously manicured gardens.

West Point Grey

The West Point Grey neighbourhood offers spectacular seaside views and luxurious living, known for its high-end real estate and proximity to prestigious educational institutions.

Davie Village

The Davie Village community is celebrated for its vibrant LGBTQ+ community and lively atmosphere, making it a hub of nightlife, cafes, and cultural diversity.

Riley Park-Little Mountain

The Riley Park-Little Mountain neighbourhood charms with its quaint shopping areas and community-focused living, nestled around one of the city's most beloved family-friendly parks.

South Vancouver

The South Vancouver community, a family-oriented area with a diverse population, features a blend of residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.


The Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood, popular among young families and professionals, offers stunning mountain and ocean views, complemented by a vibrant commercial district.


The Grandview-Woodland community is known for its bohemian spirit and cultural diversity, featuring a mix of unique eateries, independent shops, and a lively arts scene.

Champlain Heights

The Champlain Heights neighbourhood offers serene residential living with spacious parks and modern amenities, ideal for families seeking a quiet, community-focused environment.

Musqueam First Nation

Experience the rich cultural heritage and vibrant community life of the Musqueam First Nation, deeply rooted in history and tradition.

Communities and Districts Served

Kensington-Cedar Cottage

Discover the vibrant and diverse Kensington-Cedar Cottage community, known for its eclectic mix of residential and commercial areas.


Explore the dynamic and culturally rich Renfrew-Collingwood neighbourhood, a hub for families and businesses alike.

South Granville

Visit the upscale South Granville area, renowned for its art galleries, boutique shops, and fine dining.


Experience the serene and affluent Dunbar-Southlands neighbourhood, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and families.

Punjabi Market

Immerse yourself in the vibrant Punjabi Market community, a colorful hub of South Asian culture and commerce.

Arbutus Ridge

Discover the quiet charm of the Arbutus Ridge neighbourhood, known for its residential appeal and scenic views.

Central Vancouver

Explore the heart of the city in the Central Vancouver area, a melting pot of business, entertainment, and urban living.


Step into the historic Japantown district, a place of deep historical significance and cultural heritage.

Greektown Vancouver

Experience the lively atmosphere of Greektown in Vancouver, known for its Mediterranean cuisine and vibrant community events.

South Cambie

Enjoy the residential tranquility and central convenience of the South Cambie neighbourhood.


Explore the scenic and diverse Victoria-Fraserview area, with its stunning river views and vibrant community life.

Kits Point

Visit Kits Point, an exclusive peninsula known for its beaches and arts scene, nestled in the heart of Vancouver.

Granville Island

Discover the artistic and market-driven Granville Island, a must-visit for tourists and locals alike.

Renfrew Heights

Appreciate the family-friendly atmosphere of the Renfrew Heights community, offering both quiet residential streets and active commercial areas.


Explore Strathcona, Vancouver's oldest neighbourhood, known for its vibrant artistic community and historic architecture.

South Main

Experience the trendy vibe of the South Main neighbourhood, a hotspot for fashion, dining, and nightlife.


Stroll through the bustling Granville district, famous for its entertainment and nightlife.


Visit Fairview, known for its spectacular city views and medical institutions, blending urban living with access to nature.


Discover the rural charm of the Southlands neighbourhood, an area known for its equestrian community and agricultural ties.


Explore the Knight neighbourhood, a diverse and family-friendly area with excellent schools and parks.

West Side

Discover the upscale West Side community, home to some of Vancouver’s most prestigious residential areas and schools.


Step into the culturally rich Dickens neighbourhood, where community engagement and local festivals thrive.

Financial District

Explore the bustling Financial District of Vancouver, the epicenter of commerce and international business.


Visit the tranquil Killarney suburb, known for its parks and family-oriented lifestyle.

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